Real benefits

At Ignition Affinity, we unlock the potential of your brands through products that your customers want.

No Risk or Cost to You

  • We fund all activities upfront
  • Campaigns are run entirely at our risk
  • Success is ensured through detailed business planning

Activate your Brand’s Potential

  • Customised campaigns increase your customers’ trust in your business
  • Create intrigue and need for new products
  • Reach your customers through various touch points

Add Real Value

  • Build sustainable long-term relationships and value with your customers through relevant engagement
  • Improve your customers’ lives with the value-added services they need

Smart Data Management

  • We work with your existing customer data to target the right products to the right people
  • We integrate seamlessly into your existing processes and manage them for you

14% increase in pretax profit*

thanks to value-added services and bundling products.

* HFY 2014 results of a leading cellular service provider. Source: Business Day 17/10/2013

Driven by results

At Ignition Affinity, the accuracy of our projections are based on historical performance and rely on factors such as lead quality, age of the customer base and the quality of the affinity relationship. Commercially, we offer various models to support your financial objective.

We integrate seamlessly and professionally with your business, monitoring our performance in detail by running specific metrics. Campaign success is ensured through in-depth reporting and daily tracking of each of the campaigns.