Who We Are

At Ignition Affinity, we work with our business partners to increase the value drawn from their existing customer base, and by doing so, enhance the customer relationship and develop sustainability. By partnering with us, we help you build on your customer base, create new loyal customers and enhance the overall value of your base.

Not only do we help our business partners create new revenue streams which go straight to the bottom line, but we do so with no cost to their business. We have the products, the expertise, the data analytics and campaign management tools to guarantee success with your customers.

We are experts in multichannel services – from telemarketing to web, mobile and social media – and make use of data modelling and analytics, as well as advanced campaign management skills to ensure the success of your campaign.

Build your customer base, create new, loyal customers and reap real bottom line benefits.

It’s all about partnership

There are many products that consumers find attractive and valuable; and while we have a comprehensive portfolio of products available, our strength lies in strategically matching the right products with the right customer. Make use of our product mix, combine yours with ours, or work with us to develop a specific, tailor-made offering. We then take this offering directly to your customers.

Partner with us today and discover the power of affinity – together we will increase your business’s value proposition to your customers, enhancing your value offering with value-added products that make a difference.